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POWDER GREY tries to support as many different charities each year. Here is just one of those charities that we have been involved in recently, in aid of the 'Prince's Trust' Scotland.



Furniture Fridays

POWDER GREY featured on Furniture Fridays 

Today I invite you all to join me in welcoming Sandie from from Powder Grey for Furniture Fridays! Based in the UK and working as an Interior Designer, Sandie has a keen eye for design and always features wonderful and interesting posts on her blog. She has a fresh look and enthusiasm to her posts, and Powder Grey is a daily read for me always with something new for me to see. I am truly excited at her selection and what an incredible interesting and unique selection it is. Thank you and enjoy!

I was pleasantly surprised yet touched when I received the email from Anna requesting me to do a write up for Furniture Fridays, considering I am very new to the Interior World. My chosen piece is the Lockheed lounge by Australian Industrial designer Marc Newson. This aluminium clad lounge took Newson over 2 months to create and was his most celebrated piece in 1986.

I first saw this when it appeared in Madonna's video "Rain" in 1993, long before I was interested in a career in Interiors. I remembered thinking WOW at the time, as I hadn't seen anything like it. A cool solid powerful piece yet its elegant curvaceous curves looked like a mercury blob that had leaked from an old antique mirror. I don't own such a piece, unfortunately, if I did it would set me back over a million dollars.

Although Newson created the Lockheed Lounge over 25 years ago its futuristic design will, in my opinion, always remain a timeless piece. See more of Marc Newson's work at


Lockheed Lounge, 1986

Designer - Marc Newson
Material - Aluminium and fiberglass
Dimensions - 89x63.5x152.5 cm 

MADE (Mums and Dads Edinburgh) Magazine

Mar/Apr 2014 - Spotlight on Lauder


Scottish Field


The last of these gorgeous accessories were bought from some of our lovely customers that came in today. Grey-wash willow screen, Lambs wool 'LOVE' cushion and a gorgeous tall cream Climber Pot.....As seen in the Scottish Field magazine (April edition) 


April and May - Sandie Walker from Powdergrey for describing us in a perfect way

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